Milkwood Achievement

Finishing at a marathon is an achievement after a few years of training as is starting a business, set a goal, an becoming a millionaire after a few decades.

But what about trees? There are trees like the Baobab (6 different species in Southern and Eastern Africa plus Australia) that need hundreds of years to achieve the status of ‘mature’. Unfortunately I live too far South in South Africa to have the view of baobab trees at the horizon but in our part (near the Southernmost spot of the African Continent) the Milkwood Trees are indigenous/endemic. Now I must admit that the author of the Wikipedia article (see link) took some shortcuts. The Milkwood Tree evolved in the time of the dino- and other saurus-giants and survived climate changes and human impact. The tree dies after several hundred years above the earth surface but by than time new growth from the enormous root-system has already popped up. Some roots are estimated to be several thousands years of age…  Well … if that is not an achievement?

Photo: Milkwood Tree near our house