After the rain ….. 10

….. is always Sunshine. After heavy rainfall on Thursday 9 May the sun came through and around 9 AM I shot several detail pictures with my Sony A77 with Sigma 70-300 Macro lens. The lens was directed more or less towards the sun. All images in B&W. Today number 1o of 10. Think that this …

Sunsets and the ‘Image Building Industry’

A sunset is one of the more popular subjects within the ‘image building industry’. I use this expression on purpose for most of the famous contemporary pictured sunsets have gone extensively through photo-processing software. This sunset is a genuine one made in RAW from our front door. And yes, maybe one day I’ll become famous …


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Just wonder if you can see what I see …. (???)….


As promised in yesterday’s posting herewith some ‘cross-breeds’. It turned out that, this time, simple thinking (bottom image) in working with photoshop is resulting in the best imaginary…..

Graphics in Black & White and in F/C

I’m not a graphic designer neither do I have the ambition to become one. But I love graphics for it can add a dimension to a picture.   The first image (imaginary) is that of the small ‘location’ (also named ‘township’) “Die KOP” just outside our village. South Africa is a Black & White country …

African passports

Passport masks in Africa were used before the modern day passport was invented, to identify which tribe or country people belonged to when moving across Africa. All the different tribes and countries identified themselves with their own special colors and symbols often incorporating birds and animals. Mens and womans masks differed. Most masks originate from …