There is this artist …

His name is Jan Vingerhoets and lives in the ‘quaint artist village’ Baardskeerdersbos in the Western Cape. From scrap (car parts, geysers, thrown away furniture, etc,) he creates functional ornaments such as lights, chairs and even a clock. Jan has one purpose in life and that is repurpose. See for yourself.

Imaginary: The ‘rocket scientist’ of Baardskeerdersbos ….

is checking on me …..  (What wikipedia does not mention is that there are many known artists living in Baardskeerdersbos. The ‘rocket scientist’ -recycle artist Jan Vingerhoets- is one of those)



South African sculptor Jan Vingerhoets has his background in the IT (Silicon Valley, USA, I believe) and that might be the reason that he went back to a kind of ‘primitive looking ornamental work’. His clockwork (at this moment exhibited in Art Thirst in Hermanus) is a good example of ‘ornate simplicity’. Photo made in his workshop in Baardskeerdersbos a few weeks ago.

In the Studio of Jan Vingerhoets
In the Studio of Jan Vingerhoets