13 yrs old and ….

…. still sleeping with one eye on high alert.

Well …. that’s our Lab and his name is Rits. We also had two of his sisters with the names Rats and Roets but Rats caught one snake too many and Roets died of a natural cause. BTW ‘Rits, Rats, Roets’ is a kind of Dutch expression which means more or less that something or somebody is moving ‘supersonic’ fast through your field of vision…

Petty detail: Rits is black, Rats was white and Roets brown. That’s how we, 13 yrs ago, introduced the idea of the ‘New South Africa’ in Robertson in the Western Cape.


Bird on the stoop

Our labrador is 12 yrs old and that equals the human age of 84. As can happen with very young and very old people food particles are dropped around and every morning there is always one smart bird looking for residues on our stoop (the South African word for verandah). The bird comes in very cautiously; just to make sure that the dog is not around.