Cycad Leafs

Cycad leafs as seen during coffee break

In a few years time ….

… we have many Moringa Trees. In summer we use the nutrient rich leafs in salads.

Dripping Alluaudia procera and a flower

The Alluaudia species originate from Madagascar. “Compare it with a woman” (said my wife once) “soft on the outside but mind the spines underneath the leafs.” On the picture new growth; in a few months the leafs will cover the spines.

Leafs of an aging Kalanchoe

Succulent Leafs



The leafs bring additional taste to a salad

Succulent Leafs


When (and if) a slow growing cycad makes new leafs you realise there are not many plants that can do this with such a speed (leafs of approx >1 meter develop within 3 to 4 days). The same applies for the seed cones. Saturday evening nothing to see and look here on Sunday late afternoon!

Cycad leafs during sunset