When (and if) a slow growing cycad makes new leafs you realise there are not many plants that can do this with such a speed (leafs of approx >1 meter develop within 3 to 4 days). The same applies for the seed cones. Saturday evening nothing to see and look here on Sunday late afternoon!


Pink coming through

In our garden last weekend. No double exposure or any other ‘tricks’, just a few cycad leafs waving in the strong wind. Images shot at different times of the day. But I did with the last picture some HDR-toning to emphasize.

_DSC4595 _DSC4596


From the desert in North Yemen

Endemic to the desert in North Yemen is the Euphorbia achmat but it grows very prosperous in our garden here in South Africa. This is a natural variegated specie with one of the 4 lobes on one side green and the leafs are half green and half yellowish. The non-variegated original specie is yellowish with pale green stripes.

In Black & White the image looks better than in full color.