Imaginary: Wall Flower

Abandoned property


Say the 4-letter word …

… beginning with an S and ending with a T and I will let you smell the real thing!

Lazy dog day

For Rits, our dear lab, every day is nowadays a lazy day. According to human reckoning he’d be 84 yrs of age. And yes; the elderly deserve their rest.

Metamorphoto: Blue Moon

Just outside our village along the way to Hermanus there is the community The Blue Moon. Most co-owners adhere to an alternative green lifestyle and you can find, amongst others, a worm nursery, solar power, wind mill(s), etc. Why the name ‘Blue Moon’ I don’t know but when I shot this picture earlier today I …


I like lights; especially unique designs. But I also like to save on the electricity bill. So we have solar heating of the geyser and enough glass to provide us with daylight during most of the day. The guest room has its own shower and if guests use it during the daylight  there is no …