The Southernmost Lighthouse of the African Continent …

in Cape Agulhas is also the most photographed lighthouse of the continent. Here one during sunset.

Lighthouse or Watch Tower?

In Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Southernmost lighthouse of the African Continent

In Cape Agulhas, South Africa.

The Southernmost Lighthouse of South Africa …

… is nearby the Southernmost rock of the African Continent at Cape Agulhas.

Facing the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Quoin Point

There is no difference in the water….

Took this picture last Sunday at the Southern Most Tip of the African Continent. Except for this monument and a beautiful lighthouse (see one of the previous postings) there is not much to see in Cape Agulhas. But for hikers … well, that’s different; an 5.5 km stroll in a nature reserve!

Imaginary: The Lighthouse needed a new light….


Recently we visited, after many years, the southern Most Tip of the African Continent. Well …. ‘Southern Most’???? (…. since the Southern Most Rock is nowadays on our mantelpiece…. 🙂 ) We noticed that the famous lighthouse is still under restoration.