Photography and Social Media

For one of my social media clients I recently did a photoshoot during Mother’s Day. The idea was that the pictures would be published on their blog before the extended buffet lunch was over. That was fast work and hurrying up during photo processing. The result however was great. Within 12 hours after the blog …

Decoration of a palm tree

You may like it. I don’t.

“My name is Bon; Herman van Bon”

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Me and social media; what about you?

There are ‘those’ who are sending continuously their ‘where-about’ and ‘personal experience’ messages into cyberspace via a multitude of social media like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. I’m not a favourite of opening my ‘well-being’ or ‘not-so-well-being’ plus my ‘where-abouts’ to the whole world. I’m a bit of a cyberspace hermit in that regard but I …

They like horses don’t they

Who wouldn’t …..

…. like to go into the weekend with flowers like these?