Some Wildlife; Eye for an Eye

For me wildlife photography is communication with the subject; not hiding the the bushes with a super telelens. But then … I’m not a wildlife photographer.

Pictures shot with an 18-135mm zoom lens.

Sometimes the eye for an eye approach does not work; Ostriches with their head in the sand or flamingos (first photo) with their head in the water …

King of the Jungle (several images)

The average wildlife photographer is always under guidance of a game ranger. I don’t like that. Sometimes one has to take a calculated risk. So I went to observe a lion somewhere in South Africa. It’s rare that I publish fully processed photos on the internet. This is one of my exceptions: My all time favourite King of the Jungle.

World’s top wildlife photographer Laurent Baheux inspired me not to be afraid. Click on the portfolio link of his website.

All in B&W/monochrome