Land Art by E.S.Kom; The Load Shed

ESKOM, the South African electricity provider, is known for its load shedding. Since 1994 when the ANC took over the reigns in South Africa there was hardly any maintenance, replacements of generators, etc. and certainly no vision; just politics and ‘looting’. On local level ESKOM engineers could not even straighten our the poles, etc. Since a few years there is a new management at ESKOM trying to repossess what was stolen and working on updating the present infrastructure including the introduction of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar (instead of coal).

Porcupine Loadshedding

‘Load shedding’ is a hot item in South Africa. We are ‘powerless’ for about 4 hours weekly. But load shedding is is not limited to state monopolist Eskom. It’s a natural thing. Snakes are shedding their skin and (see picture) what did I find after another load shedding phenomenon?