Golden Hour Magic

Golden Hour Magic

Every new day has it’s surprises.  Virtually every morning I enjoy, yes I’m an early bird, the Golden Hour. It’s magic!!!

Portrait of Zama

IsiXhosa Magic of ‘La Barista Extra-ordinaire’ in the region’s favourite coffee cafe.

Pig’s Snout Magic

Saturday 6 September 2014, I hiked with the Strandveld Hiking Club along the lagoon and up to the magic of Pig’s Snout between Stanford and Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. Over 20 people from as far as Quebec and even from Cape Town joined the 8 kilometer hike. I’ve been in many forests including nearby …

Initiation without the butcher

This post is a bit out of the context of this blog but I have to get rid of it. Just read it as some kind as ‘Thought on a Sunday Morning‘ If you look into all kinds of remarks on social media it’s amazing of what people write about themselves. Sometimes it’s the biggest …

The Great Human Disappearing Act

It’s Magic! It’s an Illusion! It’s an Imaginary!!! (“Everything you can imagine is real”, – Albert Einstein)

The Great Avian Disappearing Act

It’s Magic; it’s Illusionism; it’s an Imaginary.

After the harvest and tomorrow we taste

Growing grapes is one thing but creating excellent wines of grapes demands at least as much craftmanship. Although modern technology helps the wine maker he/she still needs the, as the Germans say, ‘Fingerspitzengefuhl’. At Springfontein in Stanford, South Africa, the grapes are first manually graded (no machine can do it that good) and next the …