Me and my Alter Ego (fun picture)

3 in 1 (+me)

Me flying to the moon

So I borrowed some junk and assembled my own spaceship. And before I knew I was flying to the moon.

Me and my car

Me Stoned

Light Objects 5: Me in the Tube

The other night I pictured a few of our light objects. The one with the light tubes are designed by Edy ten Berge of Libar in The Netherlands. Ten Berge is specialised (in fact the pioneer) in light transmission via tubes. He is engaged in this lightning technology since the beginning of the eighties. The …


She: “A nice cup of coffee makes me forget the world around me.”

See me, Feel me, Touch me

(sculpture by South African artist Shany van den Berg)

The last Dinosaur of the Sea 2

Exactly one week ago I posted the first study of an imaginary of which the end result will be displayed in a gallery later this year. As I won’t post my gallery pictures on social media let me tell you that at the end there’ll be a picture with me riding the ‘Dinosaur’. Another picture …

Me taking a shower outdoors