African potato in flower

The bulb of the ‘African potato’ is one of the three main ingredients traditional healers in Southern Africa use in their medicin recipes. Even a des-integrating flower has its charm!


Bulbine natalensis

The reddish rootstock of the Bulbine natalensis (syn. Bulbine latiafolia) is  known as one of the three main ingredients for natural medicins of the traditional healers in South Africa. A previous minister of health advertised it even as a medicin against HIV-AIDS at an international convention in Canada and we all had a big laugh about it. But now it seems that the pharmaceutical industry is looking into the healing properties of the plant as they do with other plants known and used for many generations by traditional healers. Rastas in Southern Africa grain the rootstock and use it in their tea for ‘blood cleansing’ as they call it. Anyway; the plant has beautiful small flowers…


African potato

… in flower. This is a bulb plant. Traditional medicin men/women (sangomas) in Southern Africa use it for a variety of healing purposes.