Crossing the Barrier

20 Odd years after ‘apartheid’ there are still some barriers to overcome in South Africa. This village (Stanford, Western Cape) is not an exception although the relations between people of different walks of life are relatively good and more on equal base than we experienced in some other places in the ‘Rainbow Nation’. There is …

Between the lines

Metamorphoto. Always read between the lines … (includes sometimes a photograph 😉 )  

(for once and for all) WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Abandoned

Nearby our village, along the road to Hermanus, you can find the Dumping Grounds of Cape Nature Conservation with asbestos and other hazardous stuff scattered around. On the plot also a few abandoned buildings which were originally build as boat houses, later converted to ‘people houses, and since Cape Nature Conservation took over slowly demolishing …

The Firewall

(imaginary graffiti) Metamorphoto: There are always people (‘hackers’ as they are called) who succeed in manoeuvring through or around a firewall…

No matter how dark; there is always a bright spot …. somewhere


The Great Trek

Metamorphoto. More about The Great Trek in Wikipedia.

After every sundowner comes a sunriser; dedicated to Shari Pienaar

I posted quite a few sunsets in and around our village recently. Today a picture of a sunrise somewhere in our street; made during my daily early morning doggy walk. This metamorphoto is dedicated to Sharika Pienaar whose pictures tell a story of her own ‘Life without regrets‘. Although never met in person she is …

Made in China: Transparancy in South Africa

Metamorphoto: After one wash….

The Attack of 2013 (metamorphoto)

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  by Herman van Bon Photography


Leaving a prickly stimulating 2012 behind me 2013 will become the year that produces the seed for germinating in 2014.

Chilling on a hot Summer evening

Metamorphoto of JZ from KZN. No offense Mr. President!  If we would have exposed the genitals of your ‘alter ego’  you would suffer an acute inferiority complex. But you may have respect for this champion bull for his offspring is numerous….