Detail of an Ariocarpus

(=Mexican rock plant)

Thornless Cactus

Lophocereus Scotti Monstrose (Origin: Mexico)

Mexican Trumpet

Distictis Buccanatoria (origin: Mexico)  

Lophocereus Scotti Monstrose

Spineless cactus. Origin Mexico/Texas. Also grows well in our garden in Stanford, South Africa.

Fairly unusual

An Ariocarpus specie (rockplant from Mexico) flowering during the night.

Fish hook

The ferocactus, also named fish hook cactus originates from Mexico. This specie has pink flowers which is seemingly fairly rare. Usually ferocacti have red/orange flowers.

As hard as rock

This is a desert plant from Mexico. The botanical genus is Ariocarpus and it’s classified as one of the cactaceae (argh … those botanists/taxonomists… šŸ˜‰ ). anyway this succulent plant is as hard as rock and in its natural habitat it’s already happy with one annually flood rain. When it’s dry for a longer period …

It’s a Cactus

From Mexico is the Pelecyphora asceliformis. There is no common name for this cactus as far as I know. But I do know that it grows (very slowly; this is a 12 yrs old one grown from seed) in our garden. Ideal subject for B&W photography.

Won’t take long…

…. before this Echeveria from Mexico will flower in South Africa.

British Royalty from Mexico in our garden

Agave Victoria Regineae