Landscape minimalism

(with texture)

Landscape minimalism

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Landscape Minimalism 3

Landscape Minimalism 2

Landscape Minimalism 1

Minimalism in landscapes

This weeks photo challenge: Spare.

Creating a minimalism garden

Every now and then we do an upmarket landscaping project with spin off from our garden. Clients are expected to actively participate in the work; just to get the ‘succulent feeling’. We love landscaping minimalism gardens. But not too often… ;). This garden took a few months of preparation, including extensive discussions with the owner …


The first Weekly Photo Challenge of this year is NEW. What’s new? The other day the neighbour came in saying that he just bought a ‘new’ moped. What he meant is that he bought a new second hand one (60 yrs old). A farmer can buy the latest newest model of an plough but the principle …