The cow’s mirror

Mirror, mirror at the wall

Inside the house.

Blue Eyes Reflection (with mirror in an angle)

Deformation in the mirror

(Selfie with mirror and camera in slightly opposing angles. 6 Shots HDR-fused in Perfect Suite and Photomatic and than combined in Perfect Suite. Never done that before)


It’s not the Danube but the Klein Rivier (Little River) that streams along my village. BTW from the past I never seen a blue Danube (only on pictures) but ‘our’ river is now and than blue depending on the color (temperature) of the sky … 😉 When there is no wind or water coming from …

Mirror, mirror on the Wall …..

….. Ain’t I the most beautiful chick of all?

Imaginary: Nguni “Ina 099” confronted with herself

Sometimes (sometimes more often) I’m confronted with myself and not just by looking in the mirror. I’ve got my (nasty ?) habits and not everybody likes them. It’s healthy to be confronted with yourself; even if it does not always suit you at the time and place. Self-reflection is like body-building but that for the …

Reflections at The Hairdresser

THE Hairdresser in our village is Belinda and she is not only a pleasant personality. Belinda is determined to make something special of your hair and she really likes it. No village gossip but just fun and in the meantime focussed. Stanford can be proud of its ‘Hair by Belinda’ and Belinda takes pride in …

Looking through

Our house has two wings separated by a verandah. The living quarters is the long wing and from my reading chair I can look right through the bedroom and bathroom to the outdoor shower. But in the evening, with the light on in the bathroom, things are different because the glass sliding door to the …

The cutting edge technology of a mirror

Just a look in a mirror with whetted and polished edge in a gradient. No photoshop tricks but I turned the original picture upside down for the effect.