It’s not the Danube but the Klein Rivier (Little River) that streams along my village. BTW from the past I never seen a blue Danube (only on pictures) but ‘our’ river is now and than blue depending on the color (temperature) of the sky … 😉 When there is no wind or water coming from upstream the river becomes like a mirror. Time for meditation and self reflection.


Imaginary: Nguni "Ina 099" confronted with herself

Sometimes (sometimes more often) I’m confronted with myself and not just by looking in the mirror. I’ve got my (nasty ?) habits and not everybody likes them. It’s healthy to be confronted with yourself; even if it does not always suit you at the time and place. Self-reflection is like body-building but that for the spirit…. When I was picturing Nguni cattle the other day I was just wondering how the difficult (very stubborn) ‘model’ Ina 099 would respond to a confrontation with herself … See also previous post.

Let’s see.