Early morning verandah view

The mountains are 50 km from here.

Night Sky

Final version of this picture soon on display in Private Gallery Napier. The horizon is dominated by the Riviersonderend (River without end) Mountains; approx. 40 km away. The photo was shot about 90 minutes before sunrise and clearly visible is the ground mist coming up.

Somewhere in nowhere in South Africa

Off the beaten track at Prince Alfred Pass, North of Knysna, South Africa. If you go there you need a vehicle that can withstand severe potholes in a gravel road that meanders through the mountains.

Turbulence in the mountains

The Weather is better at the other side of the Mountains

Good Night

While the whole village was celebrating ‘reconciliation day’ (it’s South Africa) the mountains turned purple for a minute this evening.

Beyond the mountains

…. are more mountains … One morning someday last week no sea mist (wind towards sea). Thanks to the clear sky an incredible visibility and colourful mountains. The horizon in the curve is about 40 kilometers (26 miles) away. The fusing of two pictures accentuates colour and depth.

Little Karoo Sunrise (6 pictures)

There are people who find ‘spiritual enlightment’ in a decorated (bit of paint, a few candles) pig stable in McGregor in South Africa and if they are happy with it … fine with us. They pay a little fortune for that and that is fine for the owner … šŸ˜‰ We went budget friendly into …

Sunset …

…. above our village as seen from a neighboring town in the West at the other side of the mountains.

The Falls

Off the beaten track and unknown to even many locals is this beautiful waterfall somewhere in a secluded ‘kloof’ in the Klein Rivier Mountains near our village.