A spiritual and natural interaction

This week’s photo challenge. Landscaper Tommy Nwgenya is not interested in plant names. He rather communicates with his ‘babies’. It’s a gift of heaven to look into and feel a plant and then understand how it feels, how it natural grows and where it wants to be planted …. Tommy lives in harmony with nature.  

Natural Sculptures in a Minimalism Garden

Three versions of one image …

Sculpture in the garden

(Cyphostemma juttea. Origin Namibia)

6 Years growth and no hair wash

Met this woman last Saturday on the market in Hermanus. No problem in portraying her. While I was busy picturing the hair she told me that it was the result of 6 years unlimited growth and no hair wash. According to her after two months without hair hygiene a natural/biological balance will start to develop …

The beginning of a natural vertical garden

Light reflection (2 pictures to compare)

I never use flashlights or other artificial lighting equipment. Personally I think that you can make perfect pictures with advanced artificial lighting but you loose the ‘soul’ of the subject. For me it’s the challenge to use the available light and picture as is, followed by enhancing the ‘soul of the image’ with photo-processing software. …

The Borderline ….

… between the lagoon and the ocean… Waiting for the natural breach.

Solar Powered Light the Natural Way


A few of the textures I use for background layers of photo-imaginaries. All natural but after some processing including HDR-toning etc. At the moment a collection of a few hundred to choose from. These layers add some depth. They are an ‘art’ of their own … 😉

Natural propagation

Natural propagation in our garden. A dying leaf of an Echeveria starts to develop roots. Next thing what happens is that the roots develop leafs and voila; a new plant is born.