Norval Museum (an impression)

Fairly new in the suburb Tokai (Cape Town) is the Norval Museum. It’s where (so it advertises itself) ‘Art, Architecture & Nature meet’. It’s a wonderful experience; worthwhile the effort. However one remark: when we looked it up on their website it stated that the admission fee was R 50.00 pp and when we, the …

Close Encounter and an ‘attack’

From the archives. Shot in 2015 during a hike in the Eastern Cape. It was a hot midday and the animals had their siesta. Could approach them up to about 3 meters. That’s for me wild life photography: not in a game reserve but in the wild and up-and-as-close-as-possible. This picture recently came under heavy …

My ego tripped this morning

For what it is worth: one of my images became the banner of the Facebook page Cape Reflections. The administrator of this group wrote a review and that made my day ( 😉 ). “The banner photograph at the top of the Cape Refections Group Page was the most liked image posted to the page in …

Wildlife in the mist

Every Sunday Morning …

… he neighbourhood watch is active.

The ‘Engagement Ring’

(… that petty detail)

Hahahaha …. Hadeda

Winter Aloe

Another Lithop in flower

A visitor with specific interest in the garden