The trip that turned out to be life changing

See previous posting for the story behind. Photo’s in this follow up are scanned and digitalized; the original prints, although kept dry, were detoriated.

Good memories

21 Years ago, to be more precise March/April 1996, I was for some weeks in Colorado and New Mexico. I was there for several features for a range of magazines; from farming to catering and travel. I stayed one week in Denver where I interviewed amongst others representatives of the meat industry and the best …

A bit of New Mexico in South Africa

New Mexico and Colorado in One (1996)

(Reworked negative film)

La Hacienda Grande ….

… in the town of Bernalillo between Alburquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico, USA. Shot in 1996 (reworked this from negative film). 18 Years after it has changed of management but I can assure you that it was the best accommodation I ever stayed in during all my travels in the USA in the …

Landscape New Mexico 1996

Reworked from negative film

Rio Grande (New Mexico, USA) 1996

Reworked from negative film

Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) 1996

Reworked from negative film  

Cactus with hug factor and Sweet Blogger Award

If I mention the word ‘cactus’ people have the association with prickly plants with nasty spines. Personally I rather work with cacti than with roses (pruned many roses bare handed) I can taken them in my hands and I rarely get pricked but than I know these magnificent plants or is it when you really …