African Cows that be

A special breed 2 (photo-graphic)

A special breed 1


In the Twilight Zone

Half light let me associate this Weekly Photo Challenge with Twilight. And this is my impression after reading the poem of  African poet Unathi Slasha Like Nxele, the Nguni cows are never coming back Their kraal has been razed to the ground As long as the royal sceptre is clinched in the right hand of …

Boundaries? What Boundaries???

South African SpaceLab Nguni1 with me and my imaginary twin about to enter the mysterious ‘Black Hole’. Boundaries??? Don’t think so. Weekend Greetings from Outerspace.


Fusion abstract 8

Nguni let them fly

Vintage style Nguni

(Imaginary) Nguni is the collective noun for African cattle. True free rangers with a human eye (well … at least this one has 😉 )

Doing something different with jewellery

Doing something different with #jewellery. Yvonne de Wit (she is just setting up her own blog; the ‘about’ page is more or less finalised), co-incidentally my wife and love of a life-time ( 😀 ), creates jewellery of sterling silver and South African Earth (such a diversity). Pictured is a pendant in the shape of a Zulu shield …

Fossilized Nguni

Somewhere in one of the ‘back streets, of Napier, Western Cape, South Africa.