Imaginary in the making

What you see here is the beginning and a small part of a new imaginary in which shades and the real objects/persons flow into a surreal landscape. This time I’ve got a clear picture in mind; no ‘play’ with objects but focussed on the end result. Still have to make some pictures with my favorite model and some objects under the right (natural) light conditions. But the concept is there. Once I’ve finished this one and others using the same concept I hope to exhibit the imaginaries somewhere in an art gallery. Anyone interested?


Garden objects

Some call it art but for me it’s just garden decoration. For years now it’s a trend to add objects in the garden. It can be anything; from an old plough to the rusty pickup truck left behind by a previous owner. The owner of this garden kept it to a few home made steel crane birds, bird feeders and a wheelbarrow.

_DSC3320web _DSC3321web

_DSC3415web _DSC3416web