At a gallery

The most interesting art galleries in South Africa you sometimes find off the beaten track. The gallery of artists Willem and Tina De Roubaix for example. It’s in Wolvengat; somewhere in the outback of the Western Cape. The artist couple is not internet minded (so don’t google) but their clientele can be found around the …

Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

I’m living in a small town through which the main road between Cape Town and the Southernmost tip of the African Continent runs. ‘Runs’, indeed for most tourists are racing in high speed mode from one ‘attraction’ to the other. It’s a pity to see people not experiencing the real beauty of a wonderful countryside. …

Off the beaten track in touristic Greyton

Somewhere in nowhere in South Africa

Off the beaten track at Prince Alfred Pass, North of Knysna, South Africa. If you go there you need a vehicle that can withstand severe potholes in a gravel road that meanders through the mountains.

My Car

In South Africa there is this unreal TV-commercial of a Toyota going off-beat, jumping over rocks and sliding through the mud. And the vehicle stays clean. Well this is my car; unwashed and unwaxed after a few kilometers on the dirt road.

Landscape at ‘Landmeterskop’

Somewhere in the Aghulas Plain in the Overberg region and between Elim and Gansbaai/Stanford is Landmeterskop (translated: landmeters head). Landmetersko is also the name of a truly off the beaten track guesthouse on one of the farms. City slickers can there discover where the milk and the eggs come from … (with both last pictures …

Off the Beaten Track

The Falls

Off the beaten track and unknown to even many locals is this beautiful waterfall somewhere in a secluded ‘kloof’ in the Klein Rivier Mountains near our village.