Portraiture, Lauren 3

(digital opalotype simulation with textures)


(B&W opalotype)

Traces on the beach 3

(in B&W opalotype)

Tomorrow ‘Haturday’

A local business man in our village had some weeks ago a bright moment. ‘What if all villagers start to wear hats on Saturday?’, he wondered. ‘Wouldn’t that be an extra attraction of the tourists?’.  He launched the idea of ‘Haturday’ on a local Facebook page, warmed a few friends up, and the idea got shape. Last Saturday …


Life size. European customer. Made this picture last year during a hike in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Just stumbled upon two cheetahs sunbathing (it was a very hot day and wildlife is very inactive during the heat of the day). I prefer picturing wildlife in the wild and preferable without telelens. It takes patience …

Moth in Opalotype

Once upon a morning in the neighbour’s tree

Opalotype of Euphorbia obesum

(Euphorbia obesum is a succulent plant originating from the Noorsveld in the Eastern Cape)

A serious job

(Deborah processed in Opalotype)

Opalotype Haworthia