Tomorrow ‘Haturday’

A local business man in our village had some weeks ago a bright moment. ‘What if all villagers start to wear hats on Saturday?’, he wondered. ‘Wouldn’t that be an extra attraction of the tourists?’.  He launched the idea of ‘Haturday’ on a local Facebook page, warmed a few friends up, and the idea got shape. Last Saturday most villagers shopping or having coffee somewhere were wearing hats. Also the staff of one of my clients. And of these great personalities I made some portraits. Almost all were published last Monday on their blog in the original full colour format (except the stock photo of Emily who is always wearing a hat). In the meantime I reprocessed the pictures in the way I see these wonderful individuals. The captions tell you their names. BTW I changed the original background of Donovan with one of my woody textures in B&W. For the others Herman’s Beauty Saloon applied adjustable (own) opalotype settings and played with it for a bit.


Life size. European customer.

Made this picture last year during a hike in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Just stumbled upon two cheetahs sunbathing (it was a very hot day and wildlife is very inactive during the heat of the day). I prefer picturing wildlife in the wild and preferable without telelens. It takes patience and silent communication and, as in this case, a bit of luck.

Processed in opalotype.