Wake up view

Imagine you wake up one morning, look through the window and see this; wouldn’t you want to make a picture of such a wonderful view?

More Aircraft (partly grounded)

(See also previous posting) These pictures are all taken while paddling on the Klein Rivier (‘Little River’) along our village.

The Stanford River Lodge

And this is the Stanford River Lodge where I’ve been taking the pictures of the last few posts. More images (sunset) will follow in one of the next postings. The first image I made Wednesday March 6 at around 6 PM. The second photo was shot Tuesday 5 March at around 6 AM. It shows …

Wildlife in the village


They are so curious but also keep some distance…

Reflections in the river

Yesterday I published some trial pictures of the sunrise at the Stanford River Lodge. While shooting I also clicked in between some reflections in the river. And yesterday evening I discovered that this blog has 200 followers and I’m also aware that the last weeks the number of weekly new followers is increasing…. Number 200 …

The amazing chilling sunrise at the Stanford River Lodge

Most of the pictures I shoot are from either our garden or our direct surroundings. Recently we met John and Valda of the nearby Stanford River Lodge and they were very supportive towards the photo-maniac I am. I already knew that the lodge is situated at a prime spot for photographers, bird-watchers and people who …

Walking on water


Early this morning:

Crystal Kloof

One of the numerous waterfalls around the village. It’s Crystal Kloof and the water is crystal clear. Great place for a Sunday chill; worthwhile the hike.

‘Die Wandelpad’ revisited

Recently I submitted a picture of the park through which the 3 km long village hiking trail (‘Die Wandelpad’) meanders. This morning I processed this picture again in photoshop and the result is different but I’m not sure which version I prefer…   And this it the original one:  

Pirate of the Klein Rivier and other things in and around the village

Our village is one of those rural places in South Africa without any tourist traps. That alone makes it an intriguing place for the curious, exploration minded, traveler. And if you are one of those sheep following the mainstream … well we’re fine with it but, please, do visit all those famous attractions. Here we …