Carnival Parade

The village I grew up in the Netherlands was famous for its carnival parades. In those days 60% of the population depended on the furniture industry. Those craftsmen were able to create the most wonderful creations from small to huge objects. Farmers and a transport business  supplied tractors and lorries to move these around through the village. Once a year (talking about late fifties and beginning of the sixties) the village was national news. It could overland only be reached via one road and a few ferries. With up to 30,000 visitors from across the rivers there were once a year huge traffic jams and that was throughout the day announced on the radio (there were BTW in those days only 2 TV’s in the whole village).

This year we moved to Napier in South Africa. Once a year this village celebrates the Sweet Potato Festival. One of the festivities is the Parade and although the parade was by far not as impressive as in my village of birth the spirit was there.


Photo-shooting at the Parade

In our village they celebrate annually the sweet potato (“patat”) harvest although not many sweet potatoes are grown in this area anymore. The tradition sticks and part of the celebration during the ‘Napier Patatfees’ is the Friday Parade. This afternoon I made a few shots. Enjoy!