‘Akkedis’ (Gecko) is one of South Africa’s top bands. Last year they performed in our village and they’ll be back tonight in the community hall during the annual ‘Napier Patatfees’ (Sweet Potato festival). I made a few photo-graphics of the pictures I made last year.

Local Talent in the village 2

Yes; Napier (South Africa) has talent. This weekend two of them will perform during the annual ‘Patatfees’ (Sweet Potato Festival). Coached by local musicians/sound engineers they improved a lot during the past year. Ready for the big stage. He will perform in the cococola truck at the grounds of the Protea Primary School this Friday afternoon.

This is Drew. R&B, pop and more. Artist pur sang. Watch his moves.

Napier Patatfees (sweet potato festival) today

Enjoying the finishing bikers and (half) marathon runners plus the festivities around it this morning. It was busy! Cape Town must have been empty today ( 😀 😀 😀 ). Around 40 pictures to bring you in the mood for next year.