I love food; ‘lekker’ food

The word ‘lekker’ (originates from Dutch) is the word South Africans of different walks of life use for everything they like; Lekker weather, Lekker sun bathing and, of course Lekker Food. Here some food pictures; all shot at local restaurants in my village. Eating Lekker food is a treat, not a challenge 😉 .


Boundaries? What Boundaries???

South African SpaceLab Nguni1 with me and my imaginary twin about to enter the mysterious ‘Black Hole’. Boundaries??? Don’t think so.

Weekend Greetings from Outerspace.


Yesterday was a good day

Today just started (9 AM in South Africa) but yesterday I had a very good day.

I worked on two versions of one puzzle picture. In the near future you will see more of my puzzle pictures adventure. The ones I created yesterday I’m specially fond of. The original picture is made at the footpath along the village that leads through a small forest of ancient Milkwood trees with fascinating imaginative textures.

Except for the angels (top right both pictures) I added something to one of the pictures. You may try to find the subtle difference between the two.

The-Walk Footpath


This Week’s Photo Challenge is Intricate And that on it’s own is intriguing. I’m not going to explain the ‘what-why-how-etc.’ of ‘intricate‘ of every picture. The images in this gallery should speak for themselves.

Day 5

Lisa I know you adore me (well my photography or at least a few of the pics.. 😉 ) but now you challenge me to publish during 5 consecutive days a B&W picture. You got me there and I take it for the sheer fun of it. Not all of my submissions will be B&W (I started Day 1 with a sepia one of an Aloe suprafoliata). And with this I challenge Geneviève and Tamara who publish stunning photographs and are bilingual. Wonder if they originate from Belgium. If so I should like to see that famous conical shaped bag with Belgian fries in it. BTW please don’t forget the mayonaise .. 😀

Today the Lookout Helmet (a selfie I made last year)   lookouthelmet


There are many ways to express yourself. There is this Dassie reflecting the sea in his eyes seemingly expressing his love for the place he lives. The flower of a weed showing it’s beauty and expressing the desire not to be weeded. There are so many ways to interpret this Weeks Photo Challenge ‘Express yourself’. Just imagine …