Blue eyed Magdalena

Portrait of a woman who want to show the world that she has blue eyes and that she loves flowers with a sweet fragrance. She only had 5 minutes time for a photo-session….

Karuna revisited 1

Sometime ago I did a photo session with Karuna, a 13 year old girl from our village. At this stage I’m redoing the portraits I made in photoshop. Just a bit of experimenting. All picture-elements shot in our garden and here in Stanford. Today the first revisited image. Three more to follow this week.

Rits and the ‘Tibetan Pitbull’

November 1997 is a memorable month and my back still aches by the thought of it. We went for a short break-away to Shri Lanka and on the way back to the airport in Colombo Yvonne saw a life-size wooden dog in a shop window and once she set her mind on something it becomes …