Today’s special: A Photographer’s Paradise

The Overberg is a wonderful region in the Western Cape, South Africa. It’s a photographer’s paradise with ever changing light colours. The discovery of the real South Africa begins 100 kilometer beyond Cape Town.


… the photographer.

Shoot the photographer

The Gardener

Who is cheeky: the gardener of the photographer?

The cellphone photographer 2

It’s strange …

Funny …. On my Instagram (@hermanvanbon) I recently received a comment on this picture of Napier. It’s from a photographer …: “…. Strange … there are only green fields today …. yesterday must have been different …. how do you manage to get the flowers to open just for you …. ?….” My answer: “Just …

From Pinhole to iPad: Candid Portrait of a very Old School Photographer

Quote of this Sunday

“Photography is, by it’s nature, a manipulation. It always has been. When we accept this we can move on to more interesting discussions and bigger stories; we can begin to think more critically about the stories we accept. When we stop asking “if it really looked like that” our craft will finally be able to …

Ordinary people ….

…. or is it extraordinary? I prefer to portrait people as they are; not as they want to be seen. That makes me a very difficult photographer for wedding and event shoots. But there are also many  exceptions and these extra-ordinary people insist to see themselves through my eyes. With portrait photography I like to shoot …

Keeping up appearances

“Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be”.  – Duane Michals (with thanks to Belgian photographer  Luc Dewaele from whose blog I copied this quote).