Our little town

Let me take you on a photographic journey through our little town; Napier, Western Cape South Africa. On first sight it looks a bit dull but underneath a lot of activity; a guy who makes working miniature steam engines; a chess board maker a designer jeweller to mention a few and they all have customers from all over the world. I’m not going to introduce all those artisans but just show you around a bit.

One of these little things 10 (the end of this serie): the shell in 2 pieces

Most people have those invaluable things in and around the house. It can be a souvenir from a place visited; memories from childhood, a heirloom or whatever. I’ve made a photographic inventory in our house and I publish the images in this blog, one by one. They are all in B&W.

Today the ‘Shell in 2 pieces’. It’s the last chapter of this photographic journey in B&W though our little things.

This kind of shell is seemingly very unusual in this part of South Africa; hence we found it on the Grotto Beach in Hermanus a year or so ago. And although we are frequent beach walkers we’ve never seen a simular shell again on this beach.