The demanding customer

Market Photography

Air Craft 2 (the real thing)

Flight show of Pelicans above the village. Pity I don’t have a 800 mm lens…

Shot from the roof

I make most of my pictures in and around our house but was never on top. Those few meters make a difference. Note: color of background is influenced by sea mist (and not Photoshop).

No sunrise is the same …

This one was shot early this morning:

It’s a Cactus

From Mexico is the Pelecyphora asceliformis. There is no common name for this cactus as far as I know. But I do know that it grows (very slowly; this is a 12 yrs old one grown from seed) in our garden. Ideal subject for B&W photography.

A strange sensation

These are 4 blended pictures in which I tried to capture the movement of the globe. It works nice with the moon but look what the star/planet (most probably Venus) is doing…  

Every Evening a Feast for the Eye

I’m privileged to live in a part of the world with amazing sunsets and sunrises. Can’t stop picturing them.

One more day

Give me one more day with sunshine and I open my heart


4 Pictures.

I’m out of here

Blerrie photographers!!!