My official botanical name is Avonia papyracea and I’m South African by nature. I’m very insignificant, true but also beautiful if I may say so myself. I’m so insignificant that even that lot of Wikipedia is unknown with my existence but locals do if they see me; they named me ‘goose manure’….. Talking about respect … 😉



Aviona papyracea is a very small member of the Aviona genus. Its flowers have a diameter of approx. 2-3 mm. This hdr-image is a fusion of 2 shots with my Sigma 70-300mm macro lens. Not the best lens for macro-shooting but fitting within my modest budget. Picture enhanced with a combination of Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz and PhotoSuite8. 


Still moving or is it moving still? 1of 5

Recently I made some bracketed pictures of a still on the verandah table but between the shots I moved the cup with spoon and only once two of the berries. I made several HDR versions by combining (mixing) Photoshop with Photomatix Pro, Perfect Suite and Topaz. This is one of the results.