Fockea edulis

(caudiciform plant from Southern Africa)

‘Die Uitvreter’

‘Uitvreter’ is the Afrikaans for somebody who parasites on others. In this case a parasite plant that grows in trees.

It hangs

As hard as rock

This is a desert plant from Mexico. The botanical genus is Ariocarpus and it’s classified as one of the cactaceae (argh … those botanists/taxonomists… 😉 ). anyway this succulent plant is as hard as rock and in its natural habitat it’s already happy with one annually flood rain. When it’s dry for a longer period …

Summer sleep

Dormancy in the garden … well … every plant needs some rest; very human like 😀

Winter in South Africa 5 of 10

Almost out of the bud. 

It’s only late afternoon that I open my heart and spread my love

(Fenestraria specie; a succulent plant from Southern Africa which flowers spreads a wonderful fragrance)

Dormancy in Black & White and everything in between

Plant Lovers

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