Earth Sculptures

Here and there you see these in our village; an initiative of a few artists. Plants are growing in these living sculptures.

The Big, Big Move

Per 1 April we will reside in an heritage house (Anno 1928) in Napier; 50 kilometers drive from Stanford and also in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa. Besides plenty of administrative ‘issues’ inherent at selling and buying properties there are many other things to think of. Take for example the …

Still many awesome ornamental succulent plants for SALE

Despite excellent sales during the past two Sundays we still have a few hundred plants for sale; partly in pots and partly directly from the garden. Amongst these plants are still some collector’s items. Prices are realistic (mentioned in captions and in South African Rand); we don’t deal in bargains. What we don’t sell goes …


When (and if) a slow growing cycad makes new leafs you realise there are not many plants that can do this with such a speed (leafs of approx >1 meter develop within 3 to 4 days). The same applies for the seed cones. Saturday evening nothing to see and look here on Sunday late afternoon!

Good Morning ……… Sucker!!!

Cycad Leaf

Cycads date back a few hundred million years and survived the Dino- and other Saurussen. In Southern Africa alone there are 65 species; in our garden we have seven (all with an official permit) of which two species are threatened with extinction. There is a lively ‘trade’ in cycads; i.e. poaching in nature and exporting …


Attractivity 2

A B&W with a touch of blue version of yesterdays picture

Attractivity 1

Beauty attracts…

Inside story of an Astrophytum flower