Two horses, two portraits

Angles 3: Portraits

A frontal picture of a face can be a great image but picturing with an angle adds some perspective and depth. And sometimes I also play with colours and textures …

Some more sheepish portraits

In B&W. 5 portraits  

Some more portraits

Some portraits

A few of last year’s Portraits

Portraits of Mahomed and Mahroon

(2 pictures)

A Play with Beth

In the previous posting Beth is showing off the 3-piece prom-dress her grandmother made. During this short Sunday afternoon photo-shoot session I made some additional portraits just for the sheer fun of trying out different processing techniques. I also worked on a few pictures of the previous blog submission.


Every now and than the neighbour brings her dogs (two chowchows and a ‘bastard’) to us for the day. Portraits in B&W.

Portraits of a different kind 4

‘Life in Ruins’. Towards the Christmas celebration it’s not only good to think about them but actually it’s better to do something for all those street children around the globe. Locally in our village there is the initiative of ‘Bags of Love’. This is organised by the rotary and every year many villagers donate generously. …