The Guardian of the Salt Pot

Perception of size

Remember the time that you had to climb a chair and that everything looked much bigger than it does now. This morning I recalled that period of my life when I had to lift a heavy pot. Here you can see how I looked at it.


(Old Delft tobacco pot)

Rooting and Shooting the Texan Way

Last year we got a small cutting of a Bombax tree from a friend in College Station (Tx, USA). We kept in in a pot to root and this South African Spring we planted it and now it’s shooting. Yes; our garden is slowly becoming the Wild West of Stanford …. 😉

On the pot

It will grow

The little rocker

Lithops are an amazing genus within the plant family of the Aizoaceae. These little suckers are also named living stones and you’ll find many of them in Southern Africa. If you search for them along the banks of the Orange River near Aurabies Falls in the Northern Cape it might be that you are walking …

The pot with gold was tempting…

Between 6:30 and 6:40 this evening (South African time) we experienced this magnificent sky and than it was over. No need for photoshopping. There was gold in the sky. Images as is: