The Spear of Queen Victoria

…. (Agave Victoria Regineae) …. NOT the spear of South Africa’s Numero Uno (the non existing Agave Zuma Nuliensis)

The Crowning of the Queen

If all is well this picture is also published today in the Monochrome Madness Series of Melbourne based Leanne Cole It’s the Agave Victoria Regineae which, after 10 years, makes a flower stalk in the South African countryside. When I made the picture it was almost 50 cm long but from experience we know that …

Top-Down approach of a queen

(Agave Victoria Regineae)

Queen of the Green

Agave Victoria Regineae

The Queen is always beautiful

(Agave victoria regineae)

Queen of the Night

(Queen of the Day too)

The unhappy queen

Karuna has a new hat and Queen Beatrix of Holland is most probably very unhappy for she does not has this one in her collection.   P.S.: Rumor has it that after seeing this picture on Facebook yesterday Queen Beatrix went on national television to announce her abdication …..