Detail of HoYa flower after the rain (2 pictures)

Rain in Caledon (2 pictures)

Evening colours after the rain 2

Evening colours after the rain

New fresh pastures …

… after the much needed rain in the Western Cape, South Africa. (2pictures)


Yes we had a little bit of rain. And the telecom tower at the horizon is nicely washed. Now they should keep politics away and use it to the full capacity to avoid all those internet problems… 😉 South Korea and Singapore have the fastest and most reliable internet connections in the world (average over …

What will it be today ….

Rain or now rain?

Post rain (2 pictures)

The morning after …

.. the rain

The rain leaves its marks

The rain season is on its way in the Western Cape, South Africa. Usually most of the rain pours down to earth in July and August. Imagine living in the middle of this village … next to the river. The past 10 years the bridge (at the bottom) has been swept away twice. Will see what …