The Red Carrot has Yellow Flowers

The Bulbine Natalensis is a much wanted plant and every traditional healer has some in stock. Rastafarians are using the dried (red roots) as ingredient for a purifying tea. The plant became worldwide known when the South African government announced that this plant cures HIV-AIDS. That was a bit besides the truth but the pharmaceutical industry is using bio-chemical elements of the roots for new medicins.


Bulbine natalensis

Also named ‘Red Carrot” after its roots which serve as one of the main ingredients in medicins prescribed by traditional healers in Southern Africa. Some years ago a previous minister of health of South Africa launched this plant as THE cure for HIV-AIDS during a conference in Canada and we all had a good laugh. However the pharmaceutical industry is experimenting with this plant for blood purifying purposes. Rasta people in South Africa daily drink tea of dried and granulated roots…

We keep it in our garden for decorative purposes as you can see.


Bulbine natalensis ….

…. or “Red Carrot” from South Africa. Traditional healers use the rootstock of this plant as one of the three main ingredients in their recipes. It seems to purify the blood.

Rastas in South Africa grain the root, let it dry and make tea of it.


A previous minister of health advertised this plant as the natural medicine against HIV-AIDS during a conference in Canada some years ago and we all had a good laugh.

Nowadays the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and America are experimenting with this plant.