Now I also have a Fraai Uitzicht Syrah

No I’m not going to taste it; just let it mature for a few years. Well that’s what I do with quality wines. Recently I wrote a review about Le Neuf Papesch of this South African wine cellar and I had critics from …. the wine critics who make a living out of drinking/tasting wine …

Portrait of Garfield (3 pictures)

Garfield is the house cat of Wild Thyme, a restaurant in our village. I’m not a cat person but this one was asking for it:

That awesome moment in a local eat cafe ….

“I want that YUM-Burger”!!! Goodbye BigMac

Elim; The old Watermill and more

(See also previous posting) It took Emile Richter the past years a lot of work and passion to restore the old watermill and he is clearly proud of it. His wish is it to use the mill again for milling wheat grains into flour as it was originally designated for. Roofs in the main road …

The Burgundy

(Guesthouse and restaurant in Hermanus, South Africa)

The exception of the rule

With an overload of cat and dog portraits on social media I’m reluctant to pollute cyberspace with more cat and dog pictures. But of course there are exceptions. First of all is our own dog but that does not count. I love dogs and, honestly, I’m not a cat person. So it is very special that …

Dinner is being served

(At Springfontein Eats; the only restaurant in South Africa with a Michelin Star. Ain’t we privileged to live at a stone-throw from this culinary delight?)  

‘Die Uitvreter’ ….

…. is Afrikaans for a person who parasites. If you ask people from Cape Town to join a festivity they will most probably say yes (never ‘no’ and sometimes ‘maybe’) but they won’t show up except when you clearly say that there is food served. Believe me; they’ll all be there and at least one …

What a lovely lunch I had ….

… in good companionship last Saturday in the ‘Hemel en Aarde’ (Heaven and Earth) Valley near Hermanus in the Western Cape. This is a quick snaphot but I can assure you that lunch at Moggs Country Cooking is like Heaven on Earth … (2 pictures)

Ready for delivery

Just waiting for the big print of the Arum lily (2nd image). The 12 small prints are all framed by Frames for Africa in nearby Hermanus. All pictures are designated for the restaurant Organic at Heart in Cape Town.