Hibiscus along the road

Added 9 textures before transforming it in B&W with frame

Dip ride

There is this dip in the (gravel) road. One night a taxi bus slowly drove into it. Still shocking 😉

Mud River Sunrise

Early morning sunrise at ‘Modder Rivier’ (Mud River) in the Papiesvlei area just outside our village. Honestly I was 10 minutes or so too late to shoot the images I was aiming for. How a little traffic jam (cattle occupying the road) can cause some ‘discomfort’ 😀

Early mornings are quiet


The hidden powers of H2O

I grew up in The Netherlands between the two main rivers; protected by dikes and averaging 1 meter below average water level was my house amongst many others. Growing up with water learns you the (hidden) powers of H2O. Moving to a farm in South Africa in 2000, situated on the slope of a hill, …

Road Reflection


Always keep an eye on the road

Wild Life on the Road

Snapshots through the windscreen.

In the Middle of the Road

When the Germans made there ‘Autobahnen’ throughout their country the slogan was “Immer Gerade Aus” (=”Always straight forward”). I thought about that when I recently drove up North from our village. I also remember a true story from my youth when a German lost his way in my village of birth (Beneden-Leeuwen, Netherlands) and asked …