Starlings on the roof

Photo-Graphic of a Starling on the roof

Photo-Graphic of a Starling on a roof

Distorted roof

Roof Repair

‘Weltevreden’ homestead

One of the few left original Cape Dutch farm homesteads in the Breede River Valley. Pity that the owning family (6 or 7 generations) has replaced the tatched roof with one of cheap maintenance free corrugated steel. ‘Weltevreden’ is Dutch/Afrikaans for ‘Content’.

Did you know that black is very colorful?

Silly question of course; every photographer knows that. This morning I decided to play a bit with a bird that looks black but is not. A bit of photoshopping, first in RAW and later in PSD, made this black bird (kind of starling, I believe) more colorful. It also made the white gutter a bit …

Abstract 12

…. another Geometrical Study of Solar Panels

Shot from the roof

I make most of my pictures in and around our house but was never on top. Those few meters make a difference. Note: color of background is influenced by sea mist (and not Photoshop).

The neighbor has visitors

Mac Tatcher

Mac Tatcher is THE Tatcher everyone in our village knows. He grew up in Elim (from old the place where the best South African tatchers come from) and moved to Stanford one day. There he has a thriving little business. He knows how to build a roof, where to get the best tatch but asking …