‘Mad Hatters’ in action

Every Saturday is Haturday in our village. The idea is that all villagers wear a hat. Some are ordinary hats and others invested some time is making something special out of it.  

At the Saturday Market

(kind of street photography)

The Market

Every now and than we browse around at the Saturday Market in Hermanus. As usual it’s very busy. In the series ‘Candid Portraits’ of this blog more pictures during several days from 16 May onwards.

Saturday morning coffee

Sun falls …

… Well it certainly looks like it. In reality it was the sunrise last Saturday as seen from our garden.

Good Saturday Morning

Remember the previous post: Vote for me and if I win (beyond imagination…) one third of the JACKPOT will be donated to the fully accountable and audited (USA-standards) NGO Food4Thought which runs a privately funded pre-primary school in an informal settlement near our village. You can vote HERE (opens in new window).   New York, New …

Street Life in the Village

Don’t expect the city buzz. Stanford is after all just a small village. Everything goes in rural pace. This (Saturday-) morning we went to the local market, had some coffee along the road, chatted about everything and nothing with other villagers and in between I made some street shots. Click on the thumbnails for enlargement.

Masks and a Sculpture

Saw these on the Saturday Market in Hermanus last Saturday. It’s a very diverse market with everything between food stalls and wine and plants plus art. Worthwhile to visit every now and than. I wasn’t sure how to process the picture of the sculpture and am in doubt which of the two processed images to …