Abstract 29

Todays dripper

It’s spooky out there ….

…. with millions of (invisable) eyes watching you and natural creatures so weird on your way through the ancient Platbos Forest….. (Imaginary)

Abstract 26

Trunk (3) at Platbos Forest

Abstract 25

Trunk (2) at Platbos Forest

The Borderline ….

… between the lagoon and the ocean… Waiting for the natural breach.

Abstract 24

Trunk (1) at Platbos Forest

Do NOT hug a Tree in the Southernmost Forest of the African Continent

Tree huggers are a rare breed of the human race. They hug trees, seemingly unaware of damaging (even killing) the life of the bark of the tree such as mosses, epiphytes and fungi that have a lively mutual beneficial exchange with the tree. Especially in the ‘Platbos‘ (meaning ‘Flat Forest’) near our village which is …

Enjoying the River Life

Imaginary mural ( with crack 😉 )


Yes; it’s Freesia time of the year here in South Africa..

Home Sweet Home

These pictures show how millions of South Africans are housed. To avoid misunderstandings: it’s NOT the homestead of South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma. This guy has always been very privileged … 😉 …; most probably never stayed in a shack (well I did and it was quite an experience. Everything there except electricity and a …