Greetings from Napier (36 pictures to tease you)

Where I like to be: In 2000 we emigrated from The Netherlands to South Africa but only the past 2 years we are really enjoying ourselves in home-sweet-home-in-Napier in the Overberg region in the Western Cape. Not that we did not enjoy the years before but there is a difference. Napier and direct surrounds are …

A Year Round Floral Display

We don’t have the extreme temperature differences throughout the year as in some places in the world. Think about some parts of Ontario (Canada) or Russia (from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celcius). Here it is from plus 6 to plus 37. So throughout the seasons we have floral display in our garden although …


Yes; it’s Freesia time of the year here in South Africa..


The South African Spring (starting 1 September) has begun.

Winter in South Africa 10 of 10

Just being beautiful!

Winter in South Africa 9 of 10

Under cover

Winter in South Africa 8 of 10

Survived a dry period

Winter in South Africa 7 of 10

Hanging around