Reflection of a self-portrait

Dolly Me

Fun ‘Selfie’ or ‘The Art of Making a Self-Portrait

Midnight Cowboy

(inspired by a sculpture ‘Rocking Cow’ of Ulrich Riek)

A little bit of insight

Some imaginaries take a long time struggling behind the computer. Much trial and error. This YouTube (made 2 years ago) provides you with some insight in the process a B&W selfie undergoes in its growth to a colourful (weird?) self portrait. “A photographer always sees more; even in him/herself. Based on one Black & White …

Latest selfie

Simba’s new selfie

Shot and processed from a¬†humanising perspective  

Me Stoned

Light Objects 5: Me in the Tube

The other night I pictured a few of our light objects. The one with the light tubes are designed by Edy ten Berge of Libar in The Netherlands. Ten Berge is specialised (in fact the pioneer) in light transmission via tubes. He is engaged in this lightning technology since the beginning of the eighties. The …

The Art of being Me

I have many faces… It’s all about image building¬†(LOL)

Reflection 2 Self-portrait triple glazed