Dolly Me

Fun ‘Selfie’ or ‘The Art of Making a Self-Portrait

Surprise for Instagrammers

Here am I. (on Instagram). You may follow me   For peeptweet: @greencathedral           And a real surprise is my selfie:             Oops:           That’s better (B&W reduction with textures, toning and colouring)

Midnight Cowboy

(inspired by a sculpture ‘Rocking Cow’ of Ulrich Riek)

Latest selfie

My Self Portraits

I change myself every now and then. Which me do you prefer?

Simba’s new selfie

Shot and processed from a humanising perspective  

Simba wanted a Selfie

Now he has three.  

Double Glazed Selfie between 2 Chefs

Selfie in Glass Dome

Double Glazed Selfie